My Goals For 2018

My Goals For 2018
2017 was a very successful year and I plan for 2018 to be bigger, tougher and even better for The Urban Challenger! My last post highlighted the goals smashed and the ones missed last year; here are the main goals I have set for 2018!

Complete a marathon

I remember a time where if you would have said the word marathon to me, I would laugh and say ‘it’s never going to happen!’. Interesting what time can do. In April I am doing the Brighton Marathon so my training practically starts now! Goal time is under 4hr30m!

Get a Spartan Endurance Trifecta

This is a goal I have been working to since I fell in love with Spartan Races! This means completing the Ultra Beast, Hurricane Heat 4hr and Hurricane Heat 12hr; aka some really hard work! The 12hr is a long way away for me but since seeing the guys complete it in Marston Lodge last year, it has been on my mind.

Toughest Mudder

An 8 hour event through the night where you run as many 5 mile laps as possible. Yes please! After doing Tough Mudder for the first time last year, I got hooked pretty quickly! So why not go big! Year of endurance right?


With all the endurance events I’m planning there is no better training then doing actual races! I will do at least 1 normal Spartan Trifecta (I need to get at least one set of the new 2018 medals!), Tough Mudders (want to reach my 5x headband), Nuclear Races (thinking of doing all 3 race types but this is very dependant on my diary). I would like to try some new races I have yet to do also. The ones that are standing out are the Rat Race Dirty weekend which looks amazing, the Zombie Apocalypse Race (I loved the section at Mudnificent 7 last year) and the Nuts Challenge which I’ve heard good things about.

Run Distance

With a combined distance of 330km racked up last year, it’s time to step it up! The aim is 500km! I might need new shoes after this happens!

Overall Fitness

Becoming a better athlete across the board is a big thing to me. This means not only going to the gym and running, but incorporating things such as swimming, cycling and rock climbing/bouldering into my activity. I know this can only make me better when it comes to OCR!

These are the main achievements I want to hit in 2018. There is a lot to be done and a long way to go, but every journey starts with one step. Thanks for reading.
What are some of your 2018 goals? Do you share any of my goals? Do you have any advice on reaching some of my goals because you have got them yourself? Let me know in the comments below.
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