3 reasons you should enter an Obstacle Course Race

Like most people once I got into health and fitness, I became addicted. At first I would go to the gym and do the usual routine, treadmill, weights, cross trainer etc. I found myself going at stupid hours in the morning or crazy late at night because I could see and feel the change that was happening. It was a good one at that, so I kept up the momentum let’s say.
Eventually I got bored of doing the same old thing 4 times a week for years on end. Motivation starts to dwindle, you find reasons why skipping a workout is ok and an excuseย to have aย drink instead of going to the gym.
Then it hit me. I realised I was missing a reason for my training. I like competition, I always have done so it made sense to enter obstacle course races otherwise known as OCR’s or Mud Runs. At this point I have done 2 OCRs but I plan on doing ย a lot more from now on.
I’m not a hardened Olympic athlete or and Army trained Vet, I’m just a regular guy wanting to challenge myself and I want you to join me on this journey to the finish line. So today I am giving you 3 reasons why you should enter an Obstacle Course Race. If your ready then so am I!!

1. To challenge yourself
We enjoy a challenge. We want to put ourselves in a position where its almost make or break. These races are the perfect opportunity to do that. With a crowd behind you, you’d be surprised what you can achieve and how far you can push yourself.
2. To try something you’ve not done before
As OCR’s generally use more then brute strength or the ability for miles on end, they give you the chance to get out and train a different way. You wont feel guilty when you put down that dumbbell one afternoon and climb a rope instead. Or switch out that squat rack for a wall jump. Changing up your workouts and learning to adapt to different situations are perfect training skills to run an OCR.
3. To have a goal
The best way to enjoy and put your all into your training is to have a challenging goal to work towards. So use one of these races as a chance to do just that. So put on them trainers and lets get ready to smash that goal!
Are you feeling tempted to enter an OCR yet?
With The Urban Challenger, I aim to tell you about the best runs out there that anyone can compete in, how to get ready and train for them, eating to prepare yourself for a race, what to expect when you rock up to one of these events and most importantly…how to have an absolute blast when doing them. Because what’s life without a challenge?!
Have you entered an OCR before or ever been tempted to try one? Let me know in the comments below.

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