2019 Best Moments

2019 Best Moments

2019 has been an amazing year! It’s been a year of change and surprise, Opportunity and almost unbelievable moments. Here are my top 5 moments of 2019 (in no particular order)

1. Bringing a new Spartan into the world

Imagine coming home from a Spartan Race weekend (tired, broken and ready to devour Pizza) and your wife has a camera in your face telling you to open this random present she has got you. I should have known something was going on but I guess the idea of being home and sitting down had me in a daze haha. After opening a box with a baby grow and a pregnancy test (which was positive as hell) you would have thought I got the message! Not the fastest but when it clicked and I found out my wife was pregnant I was in shock. extremely happy, but uttering the word ‘outrageous’ 100 times due to being stunned by the news! I can’t wait to bring my daughter (when she can run and climb) to the closest Spartan race!

2. Adidas x Pharrell

When you get called to a secret adidas event on a Saturday evening, you go, even if you have no idea what’s happening. A small group of about 6 of us were ushered into a room and given some very cool trainers, but everyone in charge were still being very hush hush. All until we get taken out to the car park our back and Pharrell Williams steps out of the car! What the hell! Even after going on a 3km run around Shoreditch Highstreet with him, I was still in shock! What a moment…and I got a signed pair of adidas Solar Hu trainers out of it. Result!

3. Running the London Marathon

Early in the year I was given an epic opportunity to run the London Marathon with the incredible guys from Sports Direct Running and New Balance UK. All while they followed my journey throughout training and the race itself. Running the London marathon alone was an honour and being kitted out throughout the whole experience was awesome. This was the start of my partnership with SD running and has led to some of my favourite events of the year.

4. TRIFECTA in Sparta

My biggest goal of 2019 was to get out and complete the TRIFECTA weekend in Sparta Greece, the home of Spartan! I booked the ticket pretty much as soon as I had the chance and didn’t think twice about the challenge I would face when I was out there! With the support of my wife I finished the Super and Sprint in the Saturday, followed by a brutal Beast on the Sunday. Definitely a lot tougher then some of the good old English events but the atmosphere was insane. Definitely one of my favourite ever events to date. Even better when you leave with 5 medals!

5. Milan 10k with Sports Direct Running

Another great moment with Sports Direct Running was our trip out to Milan to take part in the Deejay Ten Milano 10k. This was my first ever international race and I was ecstatic to be running with an awesome group of individuals! Supported by the team from New Balance and running in some awesome gear is always great; then you add the fact that you are in the middle of Italy and you have an unforgettable moment!

2019 was full of so many amazing moments and experiences that I won’t be soon to forget. I have accomplished a lot of what i planned and more. So here’s to the end of the year and looking forward to a 2020 full of achievement and more spectacular moments.

What were your highlight moments of 2019? Did you take part in any of the above events? What are you looking forward to in 2020? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for reading.

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