Tough Mudder For A First Timer

Tough Mudder For A First Timer

Taking on any obstacle course race for the first time can be a daunting task, let alone taking on a full Tough Mudder (10+ Miles)! My sister wanted in on the action after enjoying the Spartan Sprint so much (check out how she got on here) so decided to lace up her trail shoes and hit the course! I wanted to see what she felt coming into and after the event.
What were you expecting heading into the event?
I was expecting lots of fun on a very hot day. I was looking forward to it as I have enjoyed the previous OCR I did with my brother. I was expecting to battle through lots of different obstacles but was definitely looking forward to a great race and my first Tough Mudder!
How did you train for the full Tough Mudder (10+ Miles)?
I trained for Tough Mudder by continuing with going to the gym 2 times a week which included cardio (running mostly) and weight training as well. I also started throwing in longer runs (10k and up) at the weekends, to really prepare me for being on my feet for so long.
Were you scared or apprehensive coming into the event?
The only thing I was scared about when coming into the event was the water obstacles. Not having conquered swimming or being submerged under water, I was quite apprehensive about this.
What were you looking forward to the most?
I was looking foward to doing Tough Mudder for the first time as this was my very first obstacle race further then 6km. I was really looking forward to the team spirit on the course as this is what everyone I know that had done a Tough Mudder before had raved about. Even when people didn’t know you everyone was happy to help you out and cheer you on.
What was your favourite obstacle and why?
I think my favourite one was the pyramid scheme. This was right at the end of the course so I was super happy to be finishing. It did have some water in but it was only up to my legs so I could hack That! You had people you have never met before helping you to the top. It was quite funny that on my first attempt my brother kept saying don’t fall, don’t fall…and I fell.. but on my second attempt I did it! Looking back on the pictures I could see in my brothers face that he was laughing so much.

What was your worst obstacle and why?
My worst obstacle BY FAR was the one where you slide down a tunnel into ice water (Pyramid Scheme). Having tried the previous water one I thought yes I can do this. I know what the water in my face will feel like. Oh I was very wrong. I slid down and the rush of ice cold water plus water going into my nose and mouth was very intense. I was so focused on the water I struggled to find my feet and my balence. But I thought to myself this will not be the end so I found my feet in the end. Hypo-ventilated a bit but I am glad I tried it out! After this my brother encouraged me to keep moving and keep running as it was sooo cold.
How does it compare to other races you have done?
I’ve only done 1 other. I would say I found this tougher because of the distance but also because of the water. I wasn’t quite prepared for this. I would say I felt so great at the finish line though and collecting that headband was one of my biggest achievements to date!
Would you do it again?
Oh absolutely. I would do it again. Even though I struggled with the water obstacles, I would really like to do it again and crack every obstacle. It feels like a real achievement to finish Tough Mudder. The atmosphere is also great and something I want to experience again.
What would you add to your training to be better prepared for Tough Mudder?
GET USED TO BEING UNDER WATER! This would be a must! If I can tackle this I think I could do every obstacle. I would also continue my weight training as the difference in my strength in this race and my first was a real I difference. I would also continue running as think thats super important.

What was your first Tough Mudder like? How many have you done since? What are the obstacles you love and want to improve on? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for reading!

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