Taking On A Spartan TRIFECTA Weekend

Taking on a Spartan Trifecta weekend is hard work. Here is how to smash it like a Spartan Should!

With the final weekend of the Spartan Race UK fast approaching, this is most peoples last chance to gain that final section to their TRIFECTA. Some however are ready to take on the entire TRIFECTA in one weekend; yes, that means doing a Sprint, Super and Beast all in the space of 2 days. Sound tough? That’s because it is! But as with every challenge there is away to prepare and take it on to give you the best fighting chance possible. To do this, I spoke with the UK’s only Spartan Delta holder and all around Spartan expert, Marc Trussle, to get his top tips on taking on a TRIFECTA weekend!

Nothing new on the day

As with any race you are going to take part in, it is important that you go into it comfortable and ready for action. Nothing can effect this like something you are not expecting or something you are not used too. Blisters from new running shoes, chaffing from that new running top or running shorts, an upset stomach from those special new gels you were recommended…NOTHING NEW. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. A statement ohh so true when it comes to events as taxing as Spartan Races, especially when you have 3 in the space of a weekend. If you do plan on using new gear, make sure it’s tried and tested before hand.

Respect the Spartan Beast on Saturday

The Saturday is the the start of a long weekend and contains the longest race of them all; The Spartan Beast. Covering 12+ miles and around 30+ obstacles, this will be the one you want to take easy. Enjoy this and use it as a chance to scope the entirety of the course and prepare for what may be to come the day after. Your Focus should be on smashing the obstacles so that when you reach them the following day, you can transfer the positives. Take your time and don’t rush as you also don’t want to injure yourself on the first race of three. No Spartan TRIFECTA is won by falling at the first hurdle.
Remember to fully stretch post race, drink plenty of water to rehydrate (super important for you performance the day after- dehydration sucks) and make sure you eat to refuel. If you are using the same pair of shoes, then have newspaper ready to stuff them with, in an attempt to slightly dry them out (it’s Spartan…they will most likely get soaked). Get yourself clean and leave Saturday feeling ready to take on Sunday; Proper preparation prevents poor performance!

Treat Sunday like Saturday

Go into the Sunday with the same mentality you went into Saturday with. Treat the Super and Sprint as a joint venture just like the Beast you did the day before. You already know whats out on course, so focus on all of the positives when your out there. Any failures from the day before use them as learning opportunities to do better today!
The key difference from the Saturday is that once the Super is over, you have the opportunity to stop and rest before the Sprint…but not for too long. Remember the longer you give your muscles to rest, the more likely cramp will set in and your muscles will cool down. There will be no worse feeling then feeling like you are starting over from scratch physically as well as mentally. Keep the break short and get out there!

Plan for the Spartan Super

Good news is that the worst is over…right? Yes, the beast is out the way, but very often Super’s are as tough as Beast’s, simply because usually they are crammed with a lot of the obstacles that sap your energy, in a shorter space of time and distance. Once again, respect this part of the event and enjoy it.

Treat the Sprint like a victory lap

You have been out on course and completed a Super and a Beast; that is already an amazing achievement! Use the Sprint as a victory lap. Hi five volunteers, hug fellow racers, do extra burpees (well maybe not this one) but relish in what you have taken on and overcame in the past 48 hours. Make sure you leave the course remembering your name and the smile you had while you were out there.

Will you be taking on the final races of the 2018 Spartan Race UK season? Will you be going for the weekend TRIFECTA medal? Will you be doing a section to finish your first TRIFECTA? Still time to use code ‘URBANSPARTAN’ on www.spartanrace.uk for 25% off any Windsor open heat race. Let me know in the comments below and share some of your tips for smashing a TRIFECTA weekend. Thanks for reading!

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