Spartan Race U.K. 2018 Farewell

Spartan Race U.K. 2018 Farewell

Spartan Race U.K. has been amazing this year! From starting the year with a not so gentle Sprint in Sevenoaks, to smashing the Endurance TRIFECTA to a brilliant weekend in Windsor to top things off for 2018!
As usual I wanted to go out with a bang! I didn’t plan on doing one race during the Windsor weekend, but all three! This was my last chance to grab the TRIFECTA Weekend medal that I was too destroyed (blame the Ultra!) to get in Perth, Scotland. This was my first time taking on a TRIFECTA weekend but with the tips gathered from Marc Trussell in my last post, felt ready and raring to go!

Spartan Beast – The suited one

Right. Sooo I was convinced to run this one in a suit. I say convinced, I was asked once and quickly said ‘sounds stupid…I’ll do it!’. Me and 2 other budding fashionistas took to the 13 mile course suited and booted. Could have been all right, until the heavens opened up and rained throughout the entire event.
So we weren’t only battling the distance and the obstacles; the biggest challenge of the day was the wet and weighty suits! Not to mention avoiding mild hypothermia as once those suits got wet, it got COLD! Some obstacles were definitely beastified (not a word) and made pretty damn long. A log and a sandbag carry which seemed never ending! A few carries we added our own personal twist by carrying our fourth member instead, which got a few laughs around the course (and didn’t make things any easier). Grip was non existent so that meant burpees upon burpees due to the amount of failed obstacles. Hey this was meant to be a relaxed walk in the park right? Finish time around 4:36. By no means my fastest but a whole bunch of fun!

Spartan Super – The focused one

The sun was out, it was warm outside and it was dry! What a stark contrast from the day before. Not too achey from the Saturday Beast, this Super was all about getting my head down and getting the job done! I treated this like it was a sprint as I knew I had to be back in time to race the Sprint event. This was a great run for me. An actual perfect race which since the brutality of the beast, was quite surprising.
All my favourite obstacles such as the monkey bars, rope climb and spear throw (I hit more then I miss now) I managed to smash! It was almost like the day before didn’t happen. As this was a solo effort, I showed up and left as much on the course as I could…even despite a lovely fall courtasy of a lovely tree stump! 2:20 finish time. Pretty cool with that being race 2 of 3.

Spartan Sprint – The victory lap

With an hour to wait before my start time, I rushed to throw on my dry robe and kept moving to not cool down too much. By this point I was pretty tired but knew that it was time for a fun run! Joined by my sister for her second ever Spartan Race, I was ready to move at her pace. The goal was 1:30 max!
Unfortunately for me, the sister had been training and wasn’t holding back! Definitely time to empty what was left in tank. We attacked the trails and she smashed most obstacles (still learning the rope climb and the spear throw) and we blazed through the course. Great to see my addiction getting passed on! Out finish time came in at 1:39! Just missed but pretty happy for her second ever Spartan and my final event of a long weekend!

Weekend TRIFECTA? Yes please!

Taking on a whole TRIFECTA in one weekend was definitely a challenge but the Windsor made it amazing! This was the perfect way to end what has been an awesome season for Spartan Race U.K. More so, I ended up taking home 5 medals (didn’t forget my 2x TRIFECTA) and ended on an absolute high. As always a great event and one I won’t be missing in 2019!
Did you take on the all 3 races during the weekend in Windsor? Did you complete your TRIFECTA? Did you manage to pick up your 2x (or more) TRIFECTA medal? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for reading!


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