Rough Runner London 2018

Rough Runner London 2018

Back in 2015 I started my OCR journey with a gentle 5km obstacle race called Rough Runner. I absolutely loved it! Hanging, climbing, jumping; the whole lot. I have wanted to try it again for awhile just to see how far the race had come with 3 years but never really saw the right opportunity. Then my sister (who has become an absolute OCR addict now) tells me she’s already signed up and that I need to get involved in the action. No more reasons needed really, signed up and off to Finsbury Park for a cheeky 10km. Rather then go mile by mile I’m going to highlight key aspects of the event.

Time for a laugh?

It’s not often I am left absolutely cracking up watching people I run with attempt obstacles. That whole Total Wipeout and Takeshi’s Castle theme comes across with this event! Anything to do with water left the crowd cheering the participant on, but ultimately wanting them to absolutely wipeout. But that’s what it’s all about. Not having a perfect run or escaping dry as a bone with no embarrassment; but enjoying the flaws in your balance, grip strength or speed.

I like to think of myself as pretty capable when it comes to most obstacles. That was until I needed to bounce across 4 giant balls over water (one jump, two jump, splash). Or when a series of giant vertical spinning battering rams block your way across a straight path over water (splash again). My sister however did a lot better at these…maybe I’m getting old? My favourite obstacle was the giant swinging monkey rings, probably because it’s my chance to show off, ever so slightly and the water slide was a lot of fun, especially because the two lanes allowed you to race the person you were with.

Rough Runner London 2018

(Not so) Rough Runner

First things first, I found this event really easy…BUT, that didn’t stop or hinder my enjoyment! I have been doing OCR for 3 years now with increasing difficulty by making my challenges harder. Despite this, I try not to forget the fun aspect of OCR; aka not racing for a time, getting battered by obstacles or needing to run for hours on end!

This is the perfect entry level race for those that have never done an obstacle race (like myself 3 years ago). With the option of 5,10 and 15km course (15km only open to some venues), there is a clear stamp on this event saying ‘we are for everyone’. If you want a family day out and want to try something new, then definitely give this a go. You’ll laugh and joke about the times you nearly got swept off of your feet with a giant battering ram for a while.

If you are looking for a big challenge and expect a tough event, you may need to go elsewhere, but if you want a fun day out that will be filled with laughter, then this should be on your radar.

Have you ever taken part in a Rough Runner event? Did you just take part in the Finsbury Park one? What did you think? Would you do it again? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for reading.

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