Keeping Track of Your Workouts

Everyone likes to know that they are improving. Knowing that you have hit that new PB on the squat rack or the bench press, or had your fastest mile run is not only great for the mentality, but also lets you know that your training is meaning something. Progression is one of the main things that keeps people on track but on the flip side to that, a seeming lack of progress is probably the biggest motivation killer.
How many times have you started a new program after not seeing any direct changes and decided to try something else or give up altogether? This is why keeping track of your workouts are so important. Spending a lot of time going to the gym and not paying attention to the amount you lift over time or seeing how fast/far you ran cuts out the best part of training …knowing you are getting better!
So what are the best ways to keep track of this info? Here’s a list of some of the ways I record my training:
This handy little app available on iOS and android is fantastic for storing workout logs, monitoring the amount of weight you lift and even has various fitness related activities for you to complete. It shows you when you achieve a new PB and is set up so for every activity you complete you are awarded with points which leads to you levelling up. Along with a great online community, this app is easy to use and offers a whole host of workouts for you to try. Definitely my key tool for keeping track.
Nike Running
There are a wide range of running apps out there but my go to is the Nike run app. Being very easy to use this app does exactly what you want it to as a runner: log your distance, log your pace, time and route. It keeps an overall record of your runs and allows you to go back and see past activity. Also an online trophy system adds extra incentive to shave that extra few seconds of your run.
Pen and Pad
For all those that prefer the less electronic way of monitoring gym progress, there is always the good old trusty pen and pad approach. Write out your sets, your reps, your weight lifted and your good to go.
No matter how you keep track of your fitness, the important part is keeping it up. Seeing improvement over times keeps you motivated to want to keep going.
How do you track your gym and run workouts? Have you got another system that works for you? Leave a comment in the box below.

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