Spartan Race

Everything you need to know about Spartan Race, arguably the most well-known OCR event there is. If you love Obstacle Course Races and testing your fitness, you’ll love Spartan! Whether you’re just getting started with Spartan and doing your first Spartan Sprint, or you’re pushing yourself with a Spartan Ultra or triple Spartan Trifecta, these guides, tips and race reviews will help you perform your best!

Spartan Endurance: Should You Endure
Spartan Race U.K. 2018 Farewell

Hey, I’m Michael, an OCR Racer, Runner & Medal Chaser. I love pushing myself, looking for the next race and trying to find my limit, because what’s life without a challenge?

Taking On A Spartan TRIFECTA Weekend
Taking On The Spartan Ultra
Preparing For The Spartan Ultra Beast
Hurricane Heat 12 Hour: The Battle
Surviving A Hurricane Heat 12 Hour
Spartan Race Hurricane Heat: How I Tackled The Hurricane
What Can I Expect From The Aston Down Spartan Race Hurricane Heat?
Spartan Race Ireland Debut
The Man Behind Spartan Race UK: Meet Sam Lansdale

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