Adidas Pure Boost DPR Event

Adidas Pure Boost DPR Event

With the release of the new Adidas Pure Boost DPR trainer, we were invited to a small event in conjunction with Sweatshop. This was more then a show and tell event. We were there to put the new shoes on and do exactly what they were made for…RUN!

Each person who arrived at the venue in Shoreditch were led to a locker and given a great Adidas goodie bag; which included a Adidas Runners London T-shirt (can never have to many of them) and a subtle Adidas towel (I guess to wipe you down after the event). In that locker was also your very own pair of Pure Boost DPR trainers.

First things first, they look cool as hell. There were two variations, grey with cool blue undersole or the orange sole. I like the small standout detail of the orange so they were my pick. Upon putting them on you realise how comfortable they are. Walking around the studio, you could already feel the extra bounce and extra grip you get from the shoe. The forefoot is designed wider to offer higher traction and acceleration when changing direction. It was all well and good being told this stuff. It was time to test out the goods.

Before our run we got the opportunity to get some tips and tricks for our warm up from world champion sprinter Ojie Edoburun. Even though he is a sprinter (with a career best time of 10.35!!!) his warm up drills were brilliant. Even though simple, the stills made us think about how we were running to get the most out of our own energy. Allowing us to incorporate those into our running style we were off for our 5k.

This was a great chance to really test out the trainers! They were actually a dream to run in. It usually takes me awhile to adapt to a new running shoe, but that wasn’t the case this time. They were extreamly comfortable and the wider sole towards the front of the shoe really did allow some zippy corner cutting. Traction was good along the route and it seemed like you were getting more out of the energy you were putting in. They were brilliant. After a comfortable run and a great cool down session, we made our way back to the studio for a question and answer session with Ojie.

Training with a world champion and getting the opportunity to try out the new Pure Boost DPR was brilliant. I definitely recommend if you are looking to upgrade your running shoe, that you check these out and see how they work for you.

Do you want to get involved with Adidas Runners London? Are you on the look out for a new running shoe? What’s your preference when it comes to running shoes? Let me know in the comments below.

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