The Urban Challenger Spartan OCR Fire Jump Finish
The Urban Challenger
Are you always trying to do something that gets your heart racing and keeps you in good shape? Do you enjoy the gym but find yourself wanting to do more? Have you really wanted to do things that challenge and push you to your limits? If the answer to some or all of these questions is yes, then you are already taking that first step to being an Urban Challenger with me.

You can find out when, where and how to take part in and get ready for OCR’s (Obstacle Course Races), whether it’s your 1st or 100th race. There are loads of ways to get involved and The Urban Challenger is the place to find out how.

Use my discount code ‘URBANSPARTAN’ for 25% off any UK open heat Spartan race in 2019. Hopefully I’ll see you on the field!

About Michael, the man behind The Urban Challenger - a UK OCR and Race fitness blog

The guy behind The Urban Challenger
My name is Michael and I’ve become an OCR and race addict. I’m a normal guy trying to stay in good shape and most importantly enjoy my fitness along the way. As they say, variety is the spice of life (or something like that) and this is how I do it!

I love a challenge and am always looking to push myself. Here on The Urban Challenger, I review the races I take part in and share my tips on how to improve your fitness and perform your best at these races so that you can challenge yourself too. Keep up with me on Instagram and let me know what races you’ll be at.

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