2020 So Far…

2020 So Far…

Ok so I’ve not created a post in a while (since my goals post at the very start of 2020 to be exact)…but damn in 4 months, A LOT HAS HAPPENED. This year has definitely been interesting to say the least, so here is my 2020 so far.

Well I Say A Lot…

Well I say a lot has happened, I’d say a couple of very big things have happened – strangely enough one of those things has stopped everything else from happening. Starting to sound cryptic? I’ll explain. For those of you that don’t look at my Instagram (@theurbanchallenger) I have had a baby daughter! Yayyy. At the time of writing this, she has just turned 10 weeks old and it’s going quick. So starting the year I had already planned on having to reduce my event load and spend more time at home. I was ready to make changes and adapt to becoming a father. Sacrifices were to be made and my racing season and training needed some thorough thinking; I was completely ok with that. Then comes the other big thing…the Coronavirus!

So I am fortunate to have not contracted Covid 19, but that hasn’t stopped it from affecting everyday life. 2020 so far has literally come to a halt. Anything I had planned as a goal has been taken off of the calendar altogether, so I have no races, or they have all been pushed back to the end of the year (so it looks like this winter is going to be VERY busy).

Silver Lining

So yes, it does seem like things are completely screwed for 2020 so far, but I am trying to take away a few positives from the current situation. Firstly, I feel like I am running more, obviously in line with social distancing rules. I have found myself using the limited chance to be outside to get out to remote forest areas that I didn’t know existed near where I live. In the UK we have been very fortunate to be able to exercise outside so it’s made everyone value it so much more. Along with running, I have been focusing on a load more body weight strength training workouts. We sometimes forget that we have the best weight to lift with us at all times…our bodies! Plus creating cool, hard hitting workouts always puts a smile on my face!

Probably the best thing about being at home is having the chance to see my little one grow! Being home to see her grow so fast makes me think how much I would have missed if I weren’t on lockdown! Seeing her become an actual person is awesome and I wouldn’t swap that for the world! Plus it gives me the chance to make a real Spartan out of her while she’s young haha.

So I guess that’s an update on where I am at the moment and how I feel things are going. Yes, after the corona virus epidemic, things will eventually return to business as usual, but will we all go straight back or will we keep some of the changes we have been forced to make? Only time will tell, but until then, stay safe and make the most of it.

What changes have you made since the corona virus outbreak? Have you been able to take some positives away from the situation? What are they? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for reading.

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